The D.A.M. Team



Founder & CEO


Katy Beth “KB” Barber

Creative director

Katy Beth Barber, better known as “KB,” is an all-around creative. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Communications and Rhetoric and a theatre minor from Oglethorpe University. While in school, she also worked as the outreach director for D.A.M. and was the marketing manager of a nonprofit performing arts school in Atlanta. Creatively, KB is a professional photographer, videographer, and designer, with an additional passion for the performing arts. You can always find her with her camera in hand, a smile on her face, and a million ideas running through her head. She currently lives in NYC and travels often to ensure D.A.M. events are the best they possibly can be.


Xxay Robertson


Xxavier Robertson is an ironclad production and hospitality professional. Throughout his blissful collegiate event career, Robertson has worked for Marriott International, Sea Pines Resort for 2 Heritage Golf Classics, and has created charitable events for niche causes in Statesboro. On the production side, Robertson maximized his knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud, his technical camera expertise, and his raw creative ability. This unique combination of skills led Robertson to write, act, direct, edit and produce many small scale independent productions in college. Robertson graduated from college with honors, in degrees both in Film Production and Hospitality Management in May of 2018 and now works independently at his own creative agency.


Jhasmyne Cooper-Moore

Outreach Director


Jacob Griem

Event Coordinator

Jacob Griem is a recent graduate of Lynn University with a B.S. in Sports Management. He has worked at D.A.M. for two years, excelling at both school and coordinating outreach directly under Del Ro. He enjoys working with clients and seeing their vision of their event come to fruition.