Our mission is your mission - to make your event vision come to life.

Double A Management makes the booking process simple and easy. From public speakers, celebrities, entertainers, to DJ’s, no matter what your event needs, we can book them. We have assisted colleges, organizations, private buyers, and fraternities and sororities in creating memorable, budget-friendly events.


At D.A.M., our main goal is to bring your event vision to life. We work within your budget to maximize your options and  provide you with the best available talent that fits your event needs. We understand that quality entertainment is essential in hosting a successful event, whether that is a headlining artist or keynote speaker. Double A Management provides you with diverse options that can engage an array of audiences. 

We believe in quality assurance, attention to detail and delivery! D.A.M. executes all aspects of events and our team works diligently to support all of your event needs.

Our D.A.M. promise is to fully manage your event so that you can host and tend to your guests, constituents and attendees. 


“We create unforgettable events that fit every budget.”

Del Ro | Founder


Events include:

(but are not limited to)

  • Launch Parties

  • Retirement Parties

  • Sports Tournaments

  • Symposiums

  • Team Building Outings

  • Themed Parties

  • University Concerts

  • Weddings (Entertainment and Special requests only)

  • Wrap Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Brand Activations

  • Charity Events

  • College Campus Activities

  • College Guest Speakers

  • Comedy Shows

  • Concerts

  • Conferences

  • Festivals

  • Galas

Strengths & Expertise:

  • Social Media Management

  • Sponsorship Outreach

  • Talent Booking

  • Tour Management

  • Venue Scouting and Booking

  • Agreement Negotiation

  • Creative Consultation

  • Event Budgets

  • Event Logistics

  • Event Management

  • Event Planning

  • Project Management

Services Include:

  • Identify and acquire interactive and themed entertainment: Kids areas, sports areas, etc. 

  • Design and produce printed marketing materials: Print ads, posters, brochures, programs, direct mail

  • Develop and activate event promotions

  • Plan and implement public relations campaigns

  • Develop and implement social media marketing campaigns: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, custom posting, event blasts, designed to engage fans and build customer loyalty, event awareness and more.

  • Negotiate entertainment contracts 

  • Manage Talent on site during the event

  • Identify Artists, speaker or celebrity which reflect target audience demographic 

  • Coordinate execution of Artist, speaker or celebrity contracts, performance riders and fees 

  • Secure media interviews with the performers, celebrities, or speakers

  • Manage artist, speaker or celebrity production:
    Stage, audio, lighting, backline requirements, etc. 

  • Coordinate performers, celebrities or speakers travel and hospitality requirements 

  • Create image branding materials 

  • Logos, artwork and tag lines

  • Create and implement overall marketing campaigns 

  • Combining advertising, promotions and public relations programs

  • Identify and secure media sponsors

  • negotiate value added advertising campaigns

  • Develop electronic media creative 

  • Television and radio spots